Humans In My House Series

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Humans In My House and the Animals Beyond It©2018: Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle

Middle Grade Fiction (8-12 years)

Dust Jacket Summary:

Kepler the cat knows a lot of animals, some of them by name. There’s Chester, the mouse he used to chase at his old house, and Oberon, a.k.a. Old Man, his human’s canine best friend. Then there are the rabbits, squirrels, birds, moles, and other backyard buddies that Kepler likes way more than they like him. But, Kepler is young and has only lived in two places. There is a whole world of animals he’s never known.

When Kepler’s human, Emily, wins a Kid Conservationist competition, the family packs up, travels to the host zoo, and gets an inside look at wildlife Kepler never imagined. He learns that a lot of the wild animals live in the zoo because their natural homes are being used up by humans. Kepler also learns that even though many human practices make life more difficult for these animals, there are people who care deeply about protecting the earth so that wildlife and humans can live long, healthy lives side by side.



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Humans In My House
and the stars above it©2017: Available in paperback and kindle

Middle Grade Fiction (8-12 years)

Dust Jacket Summary: Any sensible cat would agree that sniffing, running, and climbing are essential to getting the lay of the land. A new home is an adventure. But even the best adventures can be a little scary, too. Scary and exhausting. After a long day of meeting new family members, conquering giant trees, and hunting some tricky bugs, sleep is important.

When Emily and her best friend camp out in the back yard to do some star-gazing, the newest member of the household watches the sky with them. That is, until he falls asleep. Through the night, Kepler’s dreams take him for a grand ride through space, visiting the planets of our solar system and teaching the importance of taking care of the earth.


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Humans In My House©2015Available in Paperback and Kindle

Middle Grade Fiction (8-12 years)

Dust Jacket Summary: The days of a cat are simple and pleasant. Lick, pounce, nap, repeat. Time passes this way for the narrator, a lone black cat living in an abandoned Victorian house, until a bunch of loud children interrupt with the goal of spending the night. Distracted from his usual habits, the cat watches from corners and staircases as the children attempt to prove their bravery, and he tries to decipher the unique emotions and motivations of his human guests. Despite the changes the children impose on his home, a bigger change is around the corner, much to his surprise.

Amanda Marsico

Author, Editor, Red Ink Enthusiast™



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