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Acephalous Book 1©2017: On Sale Now in paperback and Kindle.

(Mature YA/New Adult; Metaphysical Drama)

By Amanda Marsico, Red Ink Enthusiast™

Logline: Breena has a full life, carefully scheduled with no wasted moments, her cello the focus of her efforts and dreams for the future—at least, until her dreams start to shift into nightmares and the truth about her extraordinary talents presents an undeniable opportunity to be someone else.

Dust Jacket: Seventeen-year-old Breena goes to London to ensure her dreams of being a professional cellist become reality. But, nightmares, addictions, and a persistent stalker lure her out of the safety of her summer flat and into a dangerous world of illusions and manipulation. A world she immediately loves, despite her wariness. As the lines between reality and reverie blur, Breena finds her own brand of clarity. She understands her distaste for reality and all the guilt and resentment that comes with it for what she always thought it was—incompatibility with human existence. Her new world quickly becomes more important than the protective shell of music she has escaped into for years, and her hopes of playing the cello fade away as new ambitions take hold.


Amanda Marsico

Author, Editor, Red Ink Enthusiast™



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