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Is Writer’s Block a Luxury?

25 Jan

“I’ve spoken to John Darnielle about [writer’s block], and he immediately told me one day that writer’s block is a bourgeois luxury. That, for example, there are no miner blocks; there’s no steelworker blocks; there’s no 7-11 clerk blocks. And that I should just stop whining and get to work.”
-John K. Samson

Writer’s block is real and can be crippling,  but is that because we allow it to be such? Can a writer really power through having no ideas? Probably yes.


Self-Editing Tip #5: Manuscript Formatting

10 Jul

For today’s self-editing tip, I’ve decided to point you in the direction of another writing expert’s advice: Glen C. Strathy’s Manuscript Format for Novels. It’s too good to pass up. The thorough checklist of formatting musts for new novelists is a tool I use frequently, and one I think everyone will find equally useful. Even if you haven’t started your novel, these tips are valuable ones to keep in mind. Why not start writing with the proper formatting? It beats having to go back through your entire book and correct everything (like I did).

Need writing inspiration? Generate a list of random words and try to use them all in a short story or poem.

4 Jul


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