Moving is hard work…

13 Sep

Hello, all. I thought I’d take a minute to update my progress on relocating and making this business my full-time venture. 

So far, it is a slow transition. We made the first half of the move this weekend. My husband and I filled a 24 foot moving truck top to bottom, back to front, by ourselves. Luckily, we had lots of help from family for the drive and unloading. It went so quickly, especially compared to the weeks of packing and prep it took to get to that point. Despite the progress, we still have another trip to make. Our move is slightly delayed due to red-tape inconveniences, but still on track otherwise. You know how real estate can be. Plus, we couldn’t fit everything in the first truck! The next trip will include the few things left in our current house, plus 3 cats. In a car. For 6 hours. With the help of some Xanax for my nervous cat, Moose, we hope to be home sweet home in Myrtle Beach next week. 

On the business front, I’m taking this extra time between homes and jobs to seek out new clients and to make a business presence in South Carolina. Even though my work is completed electronically, and I have clients from around the nation, I have never actively advertised anywhere but Virginia. So, you’ll find me on some of the Myrtle Beach local Facebook pages getting acquainted with the area and spreading the word about my freelance services. As soon as we move in and have our internet hooked up, I’ll make the announcement that I’m officially in business full time. I’m excited to get started, so spread the word and send me your writing and quote requests!

Thanks for reading, and happy writing.

Amanda Marsico

Editor, Proofreader, Red Ink Enthusiast, subject line “quote”

2 Responses to “Moving is hard work…”

  1. tomrains September 23, 2015 at 1:59 pm #

    Moving really can be the worst! Eventually you’ll be settled in, though, and everything will be alright. Good luck with everything.

    • marsicowritesite September 23, 2015 at 2:02 pm #

      Thanks for the well wishes! We’re all moved in, and the furniture is almost where it’s supposed to go. We still have some work to do around the house, but I’m hoping to get back to writing new material next week.

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