E-Books and Otherwise

29 Apr

I’d like to start a discussion instead of giving another editing tip this time around.

My question to you is whether authors of e-books still struggle with legitimacy/acceptance, and if readers still see the medium in that negative light?

As a writer, I would be just as proud to publish something physical as I would something digital. However, I know that there is a stigma around e-books (as well as self publishing)–that they are somehow inferior, less legitimate, or less professional/successful. As a reader, I have seen self-published e-books that are less polished. But that doesn’t detract from the creative expression that took place. The author likely went through the same pains and victories to write that story as any other author would in any format. I admit that the reading experience is less enjoyable with a less polished novel, but the mistakes aren’t there because it is an e-text or a self-published novel. They are there because they were overlooked. I have come across print novels, traditionally published ones, that are full of errors. In truth, the reader’s experience is only a portion of what takes place in the creation and existence of a text. First and foremost, the author writes because it is a passion. They write for themselves first, and for the reader second.  And let’s not forget how many stages a text goes through. Those mistakes could easily be remedied in the next edition. So, how can this stigma exist? Mistakes are possible for anyone to make in any format. The medium of a text shouldn’t decide how we judge a book. Right? Do you feel the same? It’s crazy to me that people judge an author and a text by the form in which that text falls into their hands. I suppose I’m saying judge the story for what it is, rather than how it is.

I’d love for the discussion to continue in the comments area below. Thanks for reading!


–Amanda Marsico

Editor, Proofreader, Red Ink Enthusiast







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